A Chino Hills Physical Therapist Can Help With Proper Stretching


When you seek out a Chino Hills physical therapist to help you manage some of the problems that you have, one of the things you will notice is that they will include stretching and exercise on your plan. The reason is that these elements are going to help you to maintain your range of motion and they can help you to avoid further injury as well.

This is largely thanks to the proper stretching techniques that you are going to be provided with. What you need to keep in mind is that in addition to making you more limber, it will help you to accomplish certain exercise programs such as yoga and other workouts that have a considerable amount of physical activity associated with them.

Proper Stretching

While you are learning to properly stretch there are key points to keep in mind. This is of course in addition to using these techniques when you are warming up and at the end of any exercise routine as well. As with any process, make sure you check with your therapist before you start any routine.

Something as simple as walking can work for a low impact routine that can get your muscles to loosen up. As a Chino Hills physical therapist will tell you, the initial stretching you do will hold bearing on the results of your exercises as well.

With this in mind, you need to know that breathing will have some impact on your results as well. Proper breathing will help to ensure that you remain safe as you are stretching and you avoid any hazards that may occur when you are stretching as well.

For example, a Chino Hills physical therapist will let you know that as you are stretching, the best thing you can do for your body is to exhale. This will help to enhance the effectiveness of the stretches you do. However, when you are returning to a relaxed position you will want to inhale. This may take you some time to get down, but it is important for your stretching routine.

Something else to keep in mind in this process is that you are going to want to avoid stretching and bouncing back into place. The reason is that you can tear a muscle or cause further injury to your both. Because of that, you will want to always go from a stretched position to a relaxed one in a slow manner.

Follow the Advice of Your Physical Therapist

No matter what you end up reading and discovering, the first thing you should do when you are working on proper stretching is to listen to your Chino Hills physical therapist. These individuals have the training to provide you with safe and effective results that are geared to your body and needs. That means that your health concerns are addressed in your routine and the safest approach and exercises are always taken into consideration in this process.


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