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Achilles Pain Relief With Eccentric Heel Raises

Achilles Tendon Stretch

Achilles Tendon Irritation and Tendonitis

-Written By Kiri Krishingner

Let’s “Heel” You Right Up!

Eccentric Heel Raises have been proven to assist with the “heeling” of Achilles tendon irritation and Tendonitis. “Eccentric contraction” is just a fancy term for simultaneously contracting but lengthening a muscle under a load. This type of contraction is what we use to “put on the brakes” during movement. The following steps will walk your through the exercise and a stretch to kick start your recovery!

Follow each step as shown in the photo above

Step 1:

Raise both heels and put weight over big toes – your little toe should be hovering over the stool!

Step 2:

On the treatment side (pictured Right), very slowly lower your heel down to neutral, using the muscle in the back of your leg to control the movement. Continue to keep most of your weight over the big toe. If you feel unsteady, use non-treatment leg (pictured Left) to assist with balance during the movement

Step 3:

Relax the muscle in the back of the treatment leg and proceed to bring heel below the step. This is now providing a stretch the achilles tendon and back of the leg.

TIP: Use non-treatment leg to assist both heels back to the raised position and repeat each step.

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Published on: May 3rd, 2018

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