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1 Nov, 2018

Best Healthy Fast Food Options

Fast Food Options Where to eat on the run By: Mitzi Avila – Marketplace Metabolic Coach FOOD! We all love food! In this article we will guide you through many fast food  items that have a healthy twist! We have all forgot to meal prep and find ourselves eating out. Of course try to limit

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20 Oct, 2018

7 Simple Ways To Stay Active

Too many of us have an all-or-nothing attitude when it comes to staying fit. We’re too “slammed” at work for the gym, or our kids’ activities are keeping us in the car — and off the track — for long hours. Yet, there are a few basic elements you can add into your daily life

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10 Sep, 2018

Reduce Pain and Inflammation Through Nutrition

Internal inflammation can wreak havoc with your health. You may already be seeing a physical therapist for inflammation-related health issues, such as arthritis. Whether you have a specific diagnosis or generalized pain in your back and joints, Marketplace Physical Therapy in Riverside, Chino, Redlands, and Beaumont can help. Your physical therapist may also suggest an

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20 Jul, 2018

How Staying Active at Work Can Increase Productivity

Picture yourself at work. Hunched over a keyboard, clicking away on a mouse, answering the phone, or having meetings, the most moving around you are likely to do is to and from the copy machine. It is no surprise that our sedentary jobs are causing fatigue and stiffness, both mentally and physically. Fortunately, having a

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20 Jun, 2018

Still hurting? Your Diet Could Be Why  

What you put in your mouth can make your aches and pains worse. Like they say, “You are what you eat.” There are many foods that can cause inflammation and actually result in pain. Eating a healthier diet can help you feel better, without those nagging aches and pains. Foods To Say “No” To While

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10 May, 2018

How to De-Stress Your Body For Better Health

We live in a fast paced world filled with deadlines, endless hours staring into a screen, sleepless nights and battling traffic. What does this do your body and most importantly, what can you do to change it? Ultimately, your health is in your hands. Depending on pills to handle aches, pains and stress is not

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27 Apr, 2018

14 Top Posture Tips

The Importance of Posture Physical Therapist Loren Middag shares the Top 14 Best Posture Tips. From the moment you adopt good posture you will feel an improvement in the way you carry yourself. Proper posture can help with the following: The nervous system and muscular system will communicate more efficiently. You will be able to

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20 Apr, 2018

3 Easy Steps to Healthy Knees

For many people, knee pain can be a way of life. Pain limits their ability to climb stairs, squat down to get something off the floor, enjoy long walks, shopping, etc. The knee joint is one of the most complicated joints in the body and has to bear up to 6 times your body weight

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10 Jan, 2018

The 5 Natural Ways to Relieve Sciatica

Do you suffer from aching back pain, nagging neck pain or even headaches? Having a healthy spine can prevent these types of problems. Your spine is a complicated structure of vertebrae, discs, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. Every second of every day your spine is moving in a delicate balance, even while you breathe!

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17 Dec, 2017

6 Simple Steps On How To Avoid Getting Sick!

Let’s avoid the flu together! According to the CDC, The single best way to prevent seasonal flu is to get vaccinated each year, but that’s not all. Good health habits like carrying a portable hand sanitizer, washing your hands, and covering your mouth when you cough all help stop the spreading of germs like mad

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