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22 Jul, 2016

The Amazing Benefits of Stretching

As you age, your muscle tissue actually dries out a little, tightening. This causes a loss of range of motion in your joints and tissues. In addition to the loss of range of motion, it can really limit your active lifestyles and hinder day-to-day, normal motions. Tasks that used to be simple, such as dressing

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8 Jul, 2015

Marketplace Physical Therapy: What is better, heat or ice?

A tip from Dr. Steve! As a physical therapist, one of the most common questions I get asked is “what is better, heat or ice?” This generally depends upon the stage of healing. In general ice is best when inflammation is involved, such as immediately after an injury. When a joint is swollen ice is

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28 Jun, 2013

Marketplace Physical Therapy Riverside Recognizes The Importance of Early Morning Stretching:

Early morning stretching has many great benefits such as relieving neck and back pain, improving flexibility, and creating a positive mood. Muscles tighten up during a night of inactivity which can be extremely uncomfortable and tiring. Stretching a few minutes after getting up in the morning will increase blood flow and alertness, while also aligning

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7 Jun, 2013

What People Are Saying About Marketplace Physical Therapy Chino…

What People Are Saying About Marketplace Physical Therapy Chino…

23 May, 2013

Marketplace Physical Therapy Beaumont for Arthritis Sufferers

Avoiding physical activity is one major mistake most arthritis sufferers make. Although there may be less pain when avoiding certain movements, there can be severe consequences. Muscles and joints can tighten up and weaken if they aren’t being used, making it more difficult to perform any regular movements over time. Physical therapy can do what

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14 May, 2013

Proper Lifting Techniques for Spring Cleaning at Marketplace Physical Therapy Redlands

The weather is warming up making it the perfect time to clear out the garage or maybe pack up some old clothes for the Good Will. Before you do, make sure you are not putting yourself at risk when lifting heavy material. Heavy lifting, when done incorrectly, can cause severe strain on the spine and

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2 May, 2013

What to Expect From Marketplace Physical Therapy Corona

The first thing you need to know is that physical therapy is meant to increase your ability to be active without any pain, discomfort, or risk of injury. During your first visit to Marketplace Physical Therapy Corona, the doctor will evaluate your activity level as well as flexibility and endurance. You may need to do

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29 Apr, 2013

Aquatic Therapy At Marketplace Physical Therapy Chino

When most people think of Physical Therapy, they think about exercises performed on equipment. However, many people with serious injuries are not able to perform routine exercises in a gym setting. For these people aquatic therapy is a great option. Aquatic therapy is used to mobilize joints, increase range of motion, develop balance and stability

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23 Apr, 2013

Marketplace Physical Therapy Riverside explains Kobe Bryant’s Road to Recovery

Sports talk show hosts have been debating for several weeks the reason for Kobe Bryant’s Achilles Tear. Was he playing too many minutes leading up to the Laker’s playoff run or did 17 years in the NBA finally catch up to him. At this point none of that matters at all. The only thing that

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19 Apr, 2013

Riverside Physical Therapist Warns Against Postponing Knee Replacement Surgery

Marketplace Physical Therapist Riverside, Dr. Steven Nieto, Doctorate in Physical Therapy warns against postponing knee replacement surgery. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Practicing Physical Therapist Riverside I often recommend trying Physical Therapy before seriously considering surgery. Several studies have shown that Physical Therapy is as effective as Surgery and Physical Therapy combined. However,

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