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Marketplace Physical Therapy Riverside has a Focus on Wellness

Marketplace Physical Therapy Riverside becomes the Inland Empires first Wellness Based Physical Therapy Practice

Most people have either seen a Physical Therapist or have a close friend or family member who has. The common perception is that people go to Physical Therapy when they have had a specific injury like a fall or an accident. However, this is not true. Only 25% of patients represent a specific catastrophic event. Most injuries are a result of deconditioning in the form or muscle weakness or being overweight. A recent study said that for every extra pound of weight we have on our body is equivalent to an extra 7lbs on your joints. So if someone is 50lbs overweight, they are putting an extra 350lbs on their joints and ligaments.

Marketplace Physical Therapy which has its primary Physical Therapy in Riverside has had a Wellness Philosophy since it opened in 2003. Our Physical Therapy office is 6,000 square feet with top of the line gym equipment, private treatment rooms, cardio theater and showers. Our Physical Therapists realize that we must treat the underlying reason why the patient was injured and not just focus on the result of that underlying factor.

Here are four ways that Marketplace Physical Therapy Riverside helps patients lose weight and get stronger.

1. We treat you like a professional athlete: Ever wonder what professional athletes do to stay strong, lean, flexible and injury free. They do the exact same program patients experience at Marketplace Physical Therapy. Although treatment can vary for specific injuries, most patients will start with some form of cardiovascular exercise that helps burn calories and excess fat. Patients will then move on to a supervised strength training routine which focuses on increasing lean muscle. Patients will then have hands-on treatment by their Physical Therapist most commonly known as massage therapy. Lastly they will be treated with a number of different modalities including Interferential Stimulation, Ultrasound, Laser Therapy, hot pack, cold pack, iontophoresis, etc… This is a very well rounded treatment that focuses on keeping you strong, lean, and feeling great by the time you leave.

2. Customized Dietary Counseling: We strongly advise that every patient participate in customized dietary counseling. This counseling is free to all patients. In this session we help the patient to understand their basal metabolic rate, the importance of levelized blood sugar and real-life strategies to help stay on track. We have helped hundreds of patients lose 10lbs to over 100lbs. In addition, patients have the opportunity to use an online meal planner and activity tracker.

3. Home Exercise Program: Typically Physical Therapy is three times per week. However, we suggest that our patients be active every day. This is why every patient receives a home exercise program on their Initial Evaluation Date. This greatly helps us get maximum results for our patient in minimum time. It tells the patient exactly what cardiovascular and weight bearing exercises to do when they are not at Physical Therapy.

4. Discounted Gym Memberships: When patients are done with Physical Therapy, they are given a special reduced rate for a gym membership. All Marketplace Physical Therapy locations are also Anytime Fitness locations. This allows patients to keep on the exercise program with the same equipment they were using during their Physical Therapy. Every gym member receives a key fob which gives them access to the gym 24 hours a day. In addition, their Physical Therapist is always available for quick tips and inspiration.

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