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The Importance of Early Morning Stretching:

spine pain

Early morning stretching has many great benefits such as relieving neck and back pain, improving flexibility, and creating a positive mood. Muscles tighten up during a night of inactivity which can be extremely uncomfortable and tiring. Stretching a few minutes after getting up in the morning will increase blood flow and alertness, while also aligning muscles and reducing aches.

Stretching recommendations

  • Neck: Start facing forward, then slowly move your head down until your chin points to your chest, hold. Move your head up until you can see the ceiling, hold. Face forward again and then move your face slowly to the left, hold. Then move your face to the right, hold.
  • Legs: Stand up straight and place one leg on a sturdy object (like your bed, or an ottoman) then reach for your toes. Hold for a few seconds then switch legs.
  • Back: After warming up a little, sit down in a chair. Raise your arms and clasp your hands together, then bend your upper body to one side. After holding for a few seconds, bend your upper body to the other side.


Tip: Do your neck stretches in your morning shower. The warm water relaxes the muscles and helps with the stretching. If you have any chronic neck or back pain please consult your doctor and consider a visit to Marketplace Physical Therapy Riverside.


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Published on: June 28th, 2013

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