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Need a 2018 New Year’s Resolution? We’ve got it! Cheers to 2018!

Here are our top 18 healthy ways to start 2018 out right!

Wellness New Year Resolution 2018Collaborated tips from your friends Chris & Heidi Powell and Marketplace!

Need Help Finding A 2018 New Year Resolution?

Marketplace Physical Therapy & Wellness Center has 18 different tips to help you start 2018 out right! 1…2…3…GO!

1. Drink MORE Water.

Keep track of your water intake with an app, journal (free printable) or marked water bottle. (A nalgene always helps!)

2. Move more! Sit Less, start daily walks, bike rides or running.

Challenge yourself by parking far away instead of circling the parking lot for close parking, or instead of taking the elevator, opt for the stairs!

3. Explore & Travel more. Take camping trips, visit the next town over, go to National Parks.

Getting out to spend time with the family will not only relieve stress but it will push you to being more active.

Here are some parks you can visit for free!

4. Do a little act of kindness daily. Volunteer more and spend time or money improving the community.

We’ve talked about how giving affects your mental health!

Here’s the link:

5. Pick a time to wake up.

Get up a few minutes earlier everyday until you reach the goal. Only hit the snooze button twice. This is key to driving your motivation, it always starts in the morning! Set the tone for the rest of the day!

6. Prioritize breakfast.

Our partners Chris and Heidi Powell are experts when it comes to health and wellness, that’s why we’ve joined their team to better our patients in the Metabolic Program!

Here’s some healthy tips on breakfast from our friends

7. Floss your teeth daily.

Stay consistent. Don’t just try to eat healthy, take care of those teeth that are vital to breaking down your food.

8. Go to bed on time.

Don’t lay in bed browsing on your phone forever, this keeps your brain stimulated. Put the phone down and rest, give yourself a little quiet time. We promise you’ll feel rejuvenated in the morning!

9. Take time for self care.

Do something nice for yourself once a week; read your favorite book, take a long bath, go to a show/play/movie, etc.

10. Slow down while eating, savor each bite.

11. Try a fitness class;

Water aerobics, spinning, Pilates, hip hop, belly dancing, etc.

Not only is this good for your body but it encourages friendly interaction with others and builds long lasting friendship with others who will continue to motivate you.

12. Start your morning with a stretching routine. (Of course we encourage this! We are a Physical Therapy facility!)

13. Find a workout buddy. Accountability is important people!

14. Check out your local farmers and flea markets. (Eat more fresh food, stay away from cans!)

15. Start a new recipe weekly/monthly. Experiment with the fresh food from the market!

16. Lower your daily sugar intake.

17. Get an annual checkup.

When was the last time you went to the doctor?

18.Keep track of your eating habits;

by writing it down (use our free printable meal planner) or using an app like MyFitnessPal or if you join our Metabolic Program you can keep track here!

There are so many different ways to accomplish your Resolution Goals! Just take it one step at a time and take it slow so that you can truly accomplish each goal you set for yourself!

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Published on: December 4th, 2017

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