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Where Is Your Pain Coming From?

pain source

Pain Source

No matter your age, aches and pains can take the joy out of life’s activities. Whether it’s sore knees after taking a job, or a stiff back while getting out of bed, determining the true cause of the pain can seem frustrating if not impossible. Since pain is the body’s response to a wide variety of stimuli, it is important to pay careful consideration to a variety of factors. By listening to your body, you can determine where the source of your pain is coming from.

How Long Have You Been In Pain?

When it comes to diagnosing your pain, it is helpful to categorize it into two different categories: acute and chronic. Acute pain is often characterized by its short duration and sudden onset. Typically considered to be any pain that lasts less than three months, it can be the result of an injury or other traumatic event. Acute pain will also generally resolve itself as the tissues begin to heal over time.

Chronic pain, on the other hand, can persist for years. Neuropathic pain is the result of damage to the nerves themselves. It often feels heavy, or as if the location of the pain is burning or numb.

Where is the Pain?

The next step in determining the cause of your pain is by pinpointing its location. Where your body feels the discomfort can provide pivotal clues in the identification of its root cause. Pain felt over a large swath of the body is likely due to a muscle strain or inflammation. This is usually the result of an injury sustained during physical activity, such as weightlifting or playing a sport. If the pain can be pinpointed to a specific location on the body, it can be due to nerve damage or a simple bruise.

It’s important to note, that although back pain is often a sign of muscle injury or herniated discs, its location can also signify a larger issue with bodily organs such as the kidneys. See a doctor immediately if your pain is associated with other symptoms such as blood in the urine or facial swelling due to fluid retention.

When is the Pain at Its Worst?

Not all pain is uniform. A muscle bruise will experience its greatest amount of pain when under duress, while lower back pain may not be present unless sitting or standing in a specific way. With regards to the latter, pain that is the worst upon waking up and is accompanied by a numbness or tingling down the leg is very likely due to an inflammation of the sciatic nerve.


Extreme pain can leave you feeling like things will never get better. Fortunately, there is hope. Visit us for a consultation today, and begin your journey on the road to recovery.

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Published on: October 21st, 2016

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