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Success Stories

We take pride in the care we give our patients and love what we do daily in the lives of those we are able to impact through Physical Therapy. Here our Patients share their Physical Therapy experiences with all Marketplace Physical Therapy employees, and how we made it possible for them to reach their goals!

We also have a video playlist of patients sharing their experience on Youtube, take a look!

Patient Testimonials

  • Norma shares her experience at Marketplace…ve este Testimonio en Español!

    -Norma Meza

  • Marketplace Physical Therapy Wellness Program

    Perla De La Cruz

    “Let me start by saying, I love food! I’m a mother of 4 at 33, with the youngest being 1 year old. I started my health transformation early march which included the expertise of the Metabolic Wellness Program with Mitzi. Unfortunately due to insurance issues and changes I wasn’t able to continue with the program as planned, but despite that, I incorporated the education and suggestions from Mizi. learning to listen to your body to figure out what it needs, and water intake has changed my life! I’ve learned to cut down obvious “bad food habits” and replaced my daily coffee regimen with a “protein coffee” and that in its self has helped me with trimming and weight loss. Of course staying active as best I can and “not depriving or skipping meals” as Mitzi warned was not healthy is also part of my journey. I have learned not to focus on numbers instead changed my focus on how I feel. I’m more energized, able to do my daily routines without feeling exhausted or moody. I want to add, it does feel great to fit into those favorite jeans from 2 sizes ago and I’m watching the inches go too! If I can do it, anyone can!”


  • “The program is very helpful because of all the various tool’s that it provides; such as the meal plans, along with all the important workouts. The accountability part of the program is the main part for me- Mitzi a.k.a Teacher that is so very important! Mitzi’s constant positive encouragement and outlook really makes me want to be successful. She is a great component of the Marketplace & Wellness Metabolic program!!!!

    -Leton Mitchell

    Wellness Update: Leton has lost a total of 17lbs and 10 inches in the waist!

  • Success from Wellness Program

    Pamela Wiekamp

    “Just a note to let Michael know how grateful I am to be able to be a part of the Metabolic Program. I am beginning to lose weight and that is something I couldn’t seem to do without the help I am getting with this program. My diabetes is under control and that makes me very happy. The Healthy Options and Portions along with recipes give you a lot to choose from. I especially like the protein shakes. The best part for me is stepping on the scale to see I have lost another pound or two during the week. So please let Michael know how much I appreciate the opportunity he has afforded to me!”

    – Pamela Wiekamp

    Wellness Update: Patient Pamela Wiekamp has lost 12lbs/7.5 inches on her waist in our Wellness Program! She is now off her Diabetes medication Metformin and stopped using her compression socks. Well done Pamela!

  • Testimonial

    “I am very happy with all the crew team, they are very caring and always full of smiles. They motivate me on the exercise, the best I’ve ever seen too. Rosalyn is always with a smile, and knows my name by heart when I walk in. She says “Hi Sherri!”-I love that. Gabby is a very sweet girl, very caring. Matt is the Best. Michaela is very caring and the best too. Make sure you let them know! A job well done. And Dr. Steve, that’s why I come back every year.”

    – Sherri Ramirez

  • Testimonial

    “I’ve been coming to Marketplace Physical Therapy on and off for 3 years. I started coming due to severe pain in my neck and shoulder blade area. I could barely stand to put my arm down, it would get spasms, and terrible pain. The Therapists here at Marketplace almost immediately knew how to relieve the pain. The reason I continue to come is due to stress and maintenance. Every Therapist I have had here is very educated as to how to relieve the pain and ongoing tightness in my neck and shoulders. I would recommend Marketplace to anyone in any type of pain or in need of therapy due to any injury or medical condition.”

    – Cory Sears

  • Kathleen gurrola

    “I have been coming to Marketplace Therapy for like 7 months and I really love this place. They are so helpful and very kind. I Recommend this place to anyone who is looking for therapy. They spend quality time with you and give the best massages. Thank you for all your service and great help, all of you are such a great team.”

    – Kathleen Gurrola

  • Louis v

    “After having knee surgery, I researched local therapy facilities. Marketplace had good reviews and the facility was what I was looking for. After my consultation with Dr. McGann, I was impressed with his knowledge of my type of injury and his treatment plan. Staff and Therapist are professional and you’re like family.

    What I like is how the facility is connected to a gym. They explain how to properly use equipment and are proficient in any type of injury. They explain the pains, how they are caused and what I need to prevent it. Dr. McGann and staff work on building your strength and getting you better with the up to date equipment and techniques. I truly recommend MPT to friends and family.”

    – Louis V.

  • “Since I began coming to Marketplace Wellness, I have experienced more mobility and less chronic pain. The combination of strengthening exercises and pin point massages have helped me cope and be productive when I’d otherwise be immobile and in tremendous pain.

    The staff is another incentive to come to Marketplace. From the front desk, therapists, aides, and Dr. Brent, your are made to feel welcomed. Always friendly and upbeat makes all off the hard work fun!! Forever Thankful!”

    – Denise Cordero

  • Ken Clements Testimonial Pic

    “Hello, I’m Ken. I came here a year ago with a rotator cuff injury. Loren Middag dove right in, and I improved immediately. Everyone here is professional and friendly.

    My shoulder is much better, I actually just come in to say hello to everyone now and see how they are doing. I care about these people. That is the impression they left on me. I recommend this facility to anyone who needs physical therapy. I feel like a part of a family.”

    – Ken Clements

  • Gym

    “Hi my name is Rosa. I want to share my experience with everyone that goes to Marketplace. This place is the right place to be, all the people that work there make you feel comfortable. Believe me! They’re very nice, caring and kind! They work hard to make you feel like home and to get well of course. I’m happy to refer people who have physical injuries. And with my experience having hurt myself, they know exactly what I need. I’ve recovered in a short time, I didn’t expect that they were going to help me so quick! I want to thank Matthew Mielak, Michaela, Gabby, and James. His invention of the Monster Walks always kills me, which is good I really appreciate it! Thanks to everyone!”

    – Rosa M. Lopez

  • hana-mason

    “Very happy & thankful for all of the time & work the therapists have invested in helping me heal my injury! They are all very knowledgeable & will take the time to make sure that they are doing all that they can to help you! They are all very nice & super funny! You are in good hands with them.”

    – Hana Mason

  • Dahlia Ramirez

    “Hi, my name is Dahlia Ramirez, I just want to thank all of you for the new life I have. I was always in pain. Pain used to be on the back of my neck and it was constant. The doctor was really concerned because my blood pressure was always high. She asked me one day if I had a lot of stress at home because the blood pressure meds were not working. I said no, but my neck still hurt all of the time. So she sent me here and it was like a miracle. You really changed my life. I went to a chiropractor for years to no avail. But you have been a beautiful blessing in my life.”

    – Dahlia Ramirez

  • Michelle Cason Testimonial

    “Rosalyn is very professional and helpful. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to her job and always greets me with a smile. When the printer was down, she made sure my receipts were emailed and always does great scheduling my appointments.”

    – Michele Cason

  • Sheila Bonilla Testimonal

    “This place is like a second home to me, the staff are truly caring and nice, they explain things that are most understandable when I need to know what is needed for the reason why I am here. I’ve been here for a couple of weeks and I don’t want to leave! It’s a very relaxing atmosphere and I love it. I would recommend this place to family and friends. Awesome place for workouts and therapy.”

    – Sheila Bonilla

  • Alton Lee

    “I would like to thank the Marketplace Physical Therapy team for all that they have done for me. I had been wondering about coming to the “Anytime Fitness”gym and when I received my referral to Marketplace after my injury, I found out it was located inside the gym I wanted to join.

    I’m a recovering drug addict 7 months clean from my injury, but when I started coming to Marketplace I had more of a desire to stay clean! Now I feel a part of a community of people who really do care about my well-being. Marketplace is my safe haven, and now I’m officially a member of Anytime Fitness! Thank you for everything that you do.”

    – Alton Lee

  • Patient Satyra Watson

    “Hope & encouragement are key to patient recovery…My doctors offered me NONE, just more drugs with no hope of recovery. I did not concur and requested Physical Therapy, which led me to Marketplace (Redlands). The 1st thing that struck me was the warmth of the reception, they were very kind & cheerful. I was in awe of the comprehensive 1st assessment appointment.

    Dr. Loren really listened to my concerns, hopes, and agreed with me that I could reach my goal of walking unassisted again. After only 12 sessions with him, Dr. Ashley and Trevor & the team, I was able to walk 20 feet unassisted and cut down my meds with my Primary Care Physician! I truly thank God for Marketplace’s team of experts of body motion. They are the Best, that’s it, that’s ALL!”

    – Satyra Watson

  • Olga Mendez

    “My experience at Marketplace Physical Therapy, and Wellness Center was extraordinary. One of the things I love the most about this center is that it is not your typical therapy environment. The open treatment area and people working and talking together make the experience warm and inviting. From the moment you walk in Jessica and Felisha make you welcome. Through the whole therapy session you feel relaxed and at ease.

    If only every medical office was like this with regard to therapists. I have had the pleasure of being treated by Megan, Michaela, James, and Matt . I have found them all to be extremely talented and caring professionals dedicated to giving their all ALL to every patient and rightfully expecting it in return.

    It is not going to be easy, so we need to be pushed to move out of our comfort zone. Never once did I feel like I was skimping on my treatment. In fact I found it to beyond thorough and was always amazed at how much Dr. Steve and all the staff taught me during my sessions.

    They always do a great job and I am thankful to have them in my corner.

    Thank you for helping me recover.”

    – Olga Mendez

  • Volleyball Tournament

    We are so proud of this patients accomplishments! We can’t wait to see what is in store for Kaili!

    “This is Marisha Vandenberg, Kaili’s mom.  She just finished up her PT with you and your staff and I just wanted you to see what you all helped her accomplish this past weekend!  Without her playing for the past 3 months for pre and post surgery recovery, her team fell in rank down to almost Division 4.  This was her very first tournament back, and she kicked butt!  She said that she only occasionally felt like it was sore if she landed funny after a jump, but as you can see, she was killing it!

    She and her team did so well, they placed 4th overall in one of the most competitive tournaments in the nation!  This earned them a bid to the Junior Olympics which gives them a pass into an invite/earn only division!!!  This is a HUGE accomplishment!!!  At this tournament of over 260 teams, only 7 teams earn a bid!

    Please share with your staff as well!!!  Because of your dedication to her strengthening and healing, she was not only able to accomplish her goal of being back in time for this tournament, but she was a key player in helping her team earn this bid!

    Thanks again!  I will be singing your praises!!!”

    -Marisha Vandenberg

  • “After seeing many Physical Therapists, Andrea tells us how Marketplace Physical Therapy got her results!”

    – Andrea

  • “Patient Robert Yorke tells us how he avoided a total shoulder replacement.”

    -Robert Yorke

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