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Grocery Tours

Each month we offer a grocery tour at 1 of our 5 locations. Currently the grocery tours are offered at Redlands, Beaumont, Riverside, and Corona.
Our Nutritionist will guide you through the grocery store to educate you on healthier eating habits.

You’ll learn the following:

  • How to read and understand labels.
  • We provide a healthy recipe for you to shop for as we guide you through the store.
  • We break down the basics of healthy food and its benefit for the body, we start in fresh produce, then work our way through the canned foods isle, meat, dairy, snacks, and bread.
  • You’ll learn what foods to avoid or to be cautious with and how they affect your body/metabolism/weight gain.

Pay in advance to secure your spot! $20 per person



Each Month we will be hosting Workshops with our Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, and treating Therapist to educate you on healthy living! Lets get ready for 2019!

January: New Year Resolution- Healthy Goals Workshop

February: Stress Management Workshop

March: Sleep Workshop

April: Nutrition 101- Reading Food Labels

May: Eating Healthy When Eating Out

June: The Breakdown- Carbs, Fat, Protein

July: Vitamins and Minerals Workshop

August: Managing Pain Holistically

September: Heart Health

October: Digestive Health

November: Managing Diabetes

December: Getting the Family Healthy

Pay in advance to secure your spot! $10 per person


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