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Regain Strength

Regain Strength

Physical Therapy is meant to help patients improve their mobility, regain strength, and increase range of motion.

The needs from our patients vary but many of our patients have the same varying trial; that is overcoming an injury to get back to their normal life and or suffering from ailments that are out of their control.

Patient Rebecca Waring Crane Kindly let us share her journey through regaining strength with Physical Therapy.

Improving Strength With Physical Therapy

Patient Rebecca from our Downtown Mission Inn Clinic needed to regain strength. She does full on hard labor daily! She works with large pieces of wood and large machines to make beautiful works of art. Whether that means painting, refinishing, or hand crafting, she was living the dream as an artist. But there was 1 thing this busy woman needed to keep going and that was strength!

Rebecca reached out to her doctor to see what she could do to regain her strength and Physical Therapy was the answer! Rebeccas goal was to increase her upper body and core strength so that she could work with with heavy-duty shop machines and continue her work as an artist.

With Dr. Steve’s Advice and Therapy 2 times a week Rebecca was able to get back to work full throttle!

Check out patient Rebecca’s Blog where she goes into full detail about her work and her journey to recovery!

A Delicate Lumberjack– By Rebecca Waring Crane


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Published on: July 17th, 2018

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