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Kaili Vandenberg

Volleyball Tournament
We are so proud of this patients accomplishments! We can't wait to see what is in store for Kaili!
"This is Marisha Vandenberg, Kaili’s mom.  She just finished up her PT with you and your staff and I just wanted you to see what you all helped her accomplish this past weekend!  Without her playing for the past 3 months for pre and post surgery recovery, her team fell in rank down to almost Division 4.  This was her very first tournament back, and she kicked butt!  She said that she only occasionally felt like it was sore if she landed funny after a jump, but as you can see, she was killing it! She and her team did so well, they placed 4th overall in one of the most competitive tournaments in the nation!  This earned them a bid to the Junior Olympics which gives them a pass into an invite/earn only division!!!  This is a HUGE accomplishment!!!  At this tournament of over 260 teams, only 7 teams earn a bid! Please share with your staff as well!!!  Because of your dedication to her strengthening and healing, she was not only able to accomplish her goal of being back in time for this tournament, but she was a key player in helping her team earn this bid! Thanks again!  I will be singing your praises!!!"
-Marisha Vandenberg
Volleyball Tournament

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Published on: April 24th, 2018

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