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How Giving Affects Your Mental Health!

Feeling a Little Pre-Thanksgiving Generosity? Learn How Giving Affects Your Mental Health!

Giving has its perks, like the fulfillment you get when face to face with someone you’re helping as they light up with joy by the small act of your compassion. Although the act of giving may be fleeting in a sense that time passes and you realize that the moment of giving/volunteering has come to an end, it’s actually far from over in regard to the impact it has on our mental health.

Generosity and your Brain:

When we give our bodies naturally release what we like to call “feel good” receptors Dopamine and Oxytocin, or what others like to call “giver’s glow.” Our brain recognizes rewarding stimuli and our brain chemistry is triggered in the mesolimbic pathway. “Giver’s glow” and “feel good” receptors at its most basic level are related to the joy we receive from eating, sex and social interactions and both equally react during moments of generosity or selfless behavior when viewing the brain with MRI technology.

Mortality and Giving:

Volunteering and Charitable donations have both shown significant beneficial effects in Mortality rates as well! Who would have thought?! “In The American Journal of Public Health found that giving time and assistance to others reduced the mortality risk tied to stress, a known risk factor for many chronic diseases. According to the study, which looked at 846 adults in the Detroit area, stress did not predict mortality for participants who had helped others within the previous year.

Another study followed more than 2,000 residents of Marin County, California, and found that volunteerism reduced mortality rates more than exercising four times weekly and attending church regularly (another behavior tied to improved mental health and greater longevity). Subjects who volunteered for two or more causes had a 63 percent lower rate of mortality than people who didn’t volunteer during the study period, as  published in the Journal of Health Psychology.”

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Lets celebrate family and the act of giving to one another!


Here’s Are a Few Ways to Give Back:


Now through December Bank of America will triple your donation to provide more meals to the Inland Empire. $1= 27 meals this holiday season. Select FARSB “Your local food bank” to ensure the funds stay in our communities!



Hutton and Luque Community Centers-Colton, Ca. To donate, contact Kelly Phelps at 909.370.5568 or


3. Eat and Be Well Volunteers Needed

Eat & Be Well is a one-day occasion celebrating the Thanksgiving season by supporting the underserved of San Bernardino County. Through collaboration between public agencies, businesses, volunteer groups, and the people of our community, Eat & Be Well provides those in need with a traditional Thanksgiving meal and health resources.



Wed, November 22, 2017
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM PST

Seville Park
16601 Seville Ave.
Fontana, CA 92335



Donations needed!


YMCA of the East Valley


A Community Thanksgiving
Operation Thanksgiving is the opportunity to come together and enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal with others in the community. The Y provides a traditional Thanksgiving meal to registered families at no cost.


Operation Thanksgiving is on November 22, 2017

7793 Central Ave, Highland, CA?




Volunteers and Donations Welcome! Call to see how you can play a part in giving!

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